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KABHA is a membership-based organization. Qualifications for membership, membership dues, and benefits are as follow:


KABHA Membership Types

The association shall have three types of members: General members, Honorary members,
and Board of Trustees.

1. General membership: Professionals interested in goals and activities of KABHA and engaged

    in mental health related fields, special education, disability service agencies in the U.S., and     graduate and doctoral candidate in the field of mental health


2. Honorary membership: Professionals from non-mental health areas

3. Board of Trustees:

   ● Senior professional members: Professionals in the mental health related fields who have

      participated in managing the association and supporting a subcommittee

   ● Honorary members from community: Professionals from non-mental health areas who

      support the association and examine budget of the Board of Trustees


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Membership Dues

All membership dues are tax deductible


   ● Regular membership (per year): $100

   ● Student membership (per year): $30
  ● Organization membership (per year): $300

Payment via Zelle:


Membership Benefit

1. Monthly Newsletter & Mental Health Updates

2. Member exclusive seminars

3. KABHA sponsored project opportunities

4. Eligible for the KABHA Community Project Grants (Junior members only)

5. Speaker opportunity (Paid basis)

6. Professional networking

7. Employment networking & resources

8. Referral resources

9. Research and publication support

10. Mentorship



Member’s Responsibilities

1. Dues: All members of the association shall pay annual KABHA dues. These dues shall be paid

    January 15th and June 15th. The membership year shall begin on January 1 each year and

    end on December 31.


2. Attendance: All members must attend at least 2 official meetings per year.


1. Voting Right: Each member in good standing is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted

    to a vote by the members at the Association meeting. A member shall be considered in

    favorable standing if the requisite dues owed by that member have been paid in full. At any

    meeting of the members of the Association the presence of at least five members in person

    shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for all purposes except as otherwise provided by

    parliamentary law.


2. Limitation: The Advisory Board of Directors and Associate members do not have a voting right.

Member’s Rights and Limits



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