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As the only mental health association composed of Korean American multidisciplinary professionals in the Eastern United States, KABHA recognizes the impact of mental health and disabilities on individuals and the society as a whole. KABHA provide multilateral support to improve social support system, mental health promotion, and public education for immigrant families in the Korean American community to access mental health care system and to receive disability-related care, and services.

The mission of the Korean American Behavioral Health Association, Inc. (KABHA) is to promote the behavioral health of Korean American Community in the U.S.A.





Our vision is to provide effective resolutions to the issues regarding public awareness, education, and prevention on mental health and disabilities within the community by cultivating, connecting, and supporting mental health professionals and special education specialists for Korean Americans.

  • To educate the public to promote behavioral health and to increase community awareness in order to reduce social stigma associated with mental illness and disabilities.

  • To provide behavioral health and mental health related education to Korean American and other immigrant communities

  • To foster collegiality among members and develop a network for behavioral health service availability to the Korean Community.

  • To service in an advisory and consultative capacity to various mental health related organizations and advocate behavioral health needs of Korean Americans·

  • To assess mental health and disability issues and to identify incidents and prevalence in the Korean American community


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Founders &

Past Presidents

  • Co-Founders: Paja Lee Donnelly, PhD,  Hein Son, LCSW-R., Jinah Shin DNP., Jeni Choi LCSW.

  • 1st President: Heam Kim, M.D.

  • 2nd President: Changsam  Suh, M.D.

  • 3rd President:  Paja Lee Donnelly, Ph.D.

  • 4th President:  Hein Son, LCSW-R

  • 5th President:  Jinah Shin, DNP

  • 6th President: Irene Kim, DNP

  • 7th President: Shinwoo Kim, LCSW

  • 8th President: So Yeon Cho, Ph.D.

  • 9th President: Young Seh Bae, Ph.D.

  • 10th President: Myeong Jin Kim, Psy.D.


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