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Behavioral Health Referral Sources for Korean Community



Elmhurst Hospital Medical Center Asian Unit:

79-01 Broadway Elmhurst, NY 11373

Dr. Jin A Shin, NP, PhD (718) 334-1413


Flushing Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry (voluntary unit only):

4500 Parsons Blvd. Flushing, NY 11355

Ms. Jennifer Lim, LMSW, inpatient psychotherapist (718) 321-6168


Flushing Hospital Chemical Dependence Unit:

4500 Parsons Blvd. Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 670-5693 multiple Korean speaking nurses






Elmhurst Hospital Mental Health Clinic:

79-01 Broadway Elmhurst, NY 11373

Korean speaking psychotherapists, Ms. Esther Oh, LMSW (718) 334-3989


Flushing Hospital Mental Health Clinic:

146-01 45th Ave. Flushing, NY 11355

Ms. Songeui Kwon, LMSW, outpatient Psychotherapist (718) 670-8739

Two other part time Korean speaking psychotherapists


The Child Center of NY Asian Outreach Program:

140-15 B Sanford Ave 2nd fl. Flushing, NY 11355

Dr. Sungmin Yoon, LCSW, outpatient psychotherapist (718)358-8288 ext. 223 and multiple Koreanspeaking psychotherapists and substance problem psychotherapist


Hamilton Madison House Korean Clinic

78-14 Roosevelt Ave #204 Jackson Heights, NY 11372 (718) 899-8910

Dr. Oh, MD and 4 Korean speaking psychotherapists





911에 전화하고 입원하는 데 필요한 도움을 받는다.

Asian LifeNet에 전화하고 진단과 치료 연계를 위한 정보를 얻는다.

한국어/중국어 서비스: 1-877-990-8585

영어 서비스 : 1-800-543-3638

스페인어 서비스 : 1-877-298-3373

Samaritans 24 hour Suicide Prevention Hotline에 전화한다.

영어 서비스 : 1-212-673-3000


Helpline에 전화한다.

영어서비스 : 1-212-532-2400 1-800-543-3638


자살의 위험이 있는 사람을 가까운 병원 응급실로 데려간다.

공공병원들은 이민자의 체류 신분이나 보험에 상관없이 모든 환자를 치료하도록 되어있다.

또한 많은 공공병원들이 동양 문화를 이해하고 다양한 언어를 구사하는 동양인 직원들을 보유하고 있다.


Ways to get help from professionals


Call 911 and receive help to be hospitalized


Call Asian LifeNet and receive information regarding diagnosis and treatment referral

Korean/Chinese service: 1-877-990-8585

English service: 1-800-543-3638

Spanish service: 1-877-298-3373


Call Samaritans 24 hours Suicide Prevention Hotline

English service: 1-212-673-3000


Call Helpline

English service: 1-212-532-2400 / 1-800-543-3638


If anybody is suicidal, take the person to the Emergency Room.

Public hospitals treat all patients regardless of their immigration status or insurance

Most public hospitals have Asian employers who understand the Asian cultures and speak various languages.





● New York State Suicide Hotlines

● Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center

● Mental Health Association of New York City

● Teen Screen-Columbia University Program

● American Association of Suicidology

● Suicide Prevention Resource Center

● Korean American Behavioral Health Association, Inc.,

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic/Substance Treatment

전문가들의 도움을 받는 방법

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