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Current Programs


Mental Health Media Campaign and Workshops

KABHA provides mental health workshops and media campaign through Korean-American radio, TVs, and newspapers.  The campaign and community education events convers  depression, addiction, special education, senior citizens’ mental health care, as well as other mental health treatment and service issues. The workshops and media campaigns are delivered by KABHA members with expertise in the areas and other collaborating agencies.

To view our mental health TV shows, please click here:


Education and support program for parents of children with developmental disabilities

Developmental Disability and Special Education Parent Support Group is a special independent committee group created for parents and supported by parents, students, educators, and community members.  The group actively strives to support our families with disabilities, build the integrated Korean-American community, and promote communication within the Korean-American community.
Parents, students and adults with disabilities, educators, and community members are welcome to participate in group meetings.  The group holds monthly meetings throughout the year except July.  Our meetings offer an opportunity for you to share resources, ask questions, and build community.

Contact: Please contact for further inquiry. 

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1. Monthly Newsletter & Mental Health 


2. Member exclusive seminars


3. KABHA sponsored project opportunities


4. Eligible for the KABHA Community Project

    Grants (Junior members only)


5. Speaker opportunity (Paid basis)


6. Professional networking


7. Employment networking & resources


8. Referral resources


9. Research and publication support


10. Mentorship


Sexuality education and sexual abuse prevention programs

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KABHA provides sexuality education for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities. Starting with Child Sexual Abuse Prevention workshop in March 2015, KABHA will continuously support sexuality education programs for people with developmental disabilities and their families. KABHA also will start sexuality education trainer programs in June 2015 in order to develop sexuality education experts in Korean-American community.

Contact: Please contact for further inquiry. 



Korean International Student Support Group (KISSG)

KISSG aims to assist Korean international students in the mental health related fields in meeting their academic, career, and personal needs as they adjust to the U.S. education system at the undergraduate and graduated levels. Monthly support group meetings provide Korean international students an opportunity to learn about effective ways to adjust to college life in the U.S.; receive advice, suggestions, and support from other Korean international students; connect with other Korean international students with similar interests; and receive mentorship from senior Korean international students or professionals in their field of study. Each meeting consists of a short seminar on various topics related to the cross-cultural adaptation process and an open-discussion on participants’ challenges and issues confronted while studying mental health field in the U.S.

Contact: Please contact for further inquiry. 



Senior Citizen Support Programs

KABHA members support various community support services for Korean American senior citizens. Our members provide special knowledge in the areas of Medicare, prescription drug expense assistance, long-term care insurance, caregiver issues.



정신건강 커뮤니티 리소스 책자booklet 개발

KABHA is currently working on developing a mental health resource booklet for Korean American Community NY and NJ.  Although there are many mainstream resources are available, many Korean American are facing challenges in finding appropriate mental supports due to language issues. KABHA members are designing auser-friendly guide booklet for Korean-American to find mental health related education, treatment, care,support and advocacy.


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